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Time For A Change: Why You Should Be Using Heat-Treated Pallets

If your company processes a lot of shipments, you probably use your fair share of pallets. If you still use pallets manufactured from chemically-treated wood, you need to make some changes. Chemically-treated pallets may serve their purpose, but there's a better way to pack your ships. There are heat-treated pallets. Before you order your next shipment of chemically-treated pallets, read the information that's provided below. You'll find four excellent reasons to switch to heat-treated pallets. 

Avoid Export Violations

If your shipments have been to local destinations, chemically-treated pallets may have served their purpose. But, if you've entered the global market, and you plan to ship to foreign destinations, you need to consider export regulations. Before you can export products, you need to make sure that you use heat-treated pallets. Export regulations require the use of heat-treated pallets only. Unfortunately, that means you might get hit with a hefty export violation if you try to use the wrong pallets for your international shipments. 

Alleviate Moisture Problems

If you don't use heat-treated pallets yet, you may have problems that you didn't know about. One problem may involve excess weight. You might not realize this, but ordinary wood pallets contain moisture. Unfortunately, excess moisture can add unwanted weight to your pallets, which translates into increased shipping costs. Mold and bacteria growth are two additional problems that can result from excess moisture in your wood pallets. To avoid all of those unwanted issues, invest in heat-treated pallets. Moisture is removed from the wood during the heat-treating process. 

Reduce Pest Infestations

If you've got a problem with insects in your warehouse or shipments, the issue might be related to your pallets. Insects may lay their eggs inside the wood used for pallets. Once they hatch, they can infest your warehouse, and contaminate your shipments. Luckily, insect eggs and larvae can't survive the heat-treating process. As a result, you'll have a reduced occurrence of pallet-related pest infestations. 

Eliminate Chemical Risks

If you have chemically-treated pallets in your warehouse, your crew might be at risk for exposure. Chemicals can be transferred by contact with skin. That means every time your crew members touch those pallets, they run the risk of chemical exposure. Unfortunately, the chemicals used to treat wood pallets can cause health problems. The best way to eliminate the risk is to use heat-treated pallets, instead. 

Don't take chances with your wood pallets. To avoid the problems associated with chemically-treated pallets, switch to heat-treated pallets.