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5 Everyday Products That Contain Graphite

If you are like most people familiar with the periodic table, you might wonder how many of those substances you come in contact with on a daily basis. While carbon is known as the base element of most things, one of its allotropes, graphite, is an incredibly soft mineral used in thousands of industrial and commercial applications. Here are five everyday products that contain graphite. 

1.    Pencils

While lead was used in antiquity as the writing medium for pencils, graphite replaced lead hundreds of years ago. However, lead paints were still used to give pencils their characteristic yellow color up until it was outlawed in 1978, which is why many people still associate lead with pencils. 

2.    Lithium Ion Batteries

If you have a battery powered tool or light, chances are high that the battery contains graphite. Graphite is used to create anodes inside of lithium ion batteries, making it possible for batteries to retain their shape and avoid serious structural failures. 

3.    Dry Lubricants

Since wet lubricants can't be used in every machinery application, many pieces of industrial equipment rely on graphite, which is powdery and slightly slippery, even when dry. Because graphite is soft enough to break down into very small pieces, it can help to prevent dangerous friction in mechanical equipment. Additionally, since graphite is a form of carbon, it can handle extremely high temperatures while many traditional wet lubricants would not be capable of retaining their form in the same environments. 

4.    Art Supplies

Graphite is known for its incredibly rich, dark color, which is why it is used heavily in art supplies. From oil paints to charcoal pastels, graphite helps artists to create impressive hand-drawn gradients and to darken canvases, all without posing many of the health hazards that other minerals could cause.  

5.    Car Brakes

Although asbestos was once used to line brakes, graphite is used these days to protect air quality. Because of its ability to lubricate in high-temperature situations, graphite helps to reduce noise while driving and braking, also allowing a smooth stopping transition. Graphite helps to prevent hot spots on brakes as well, extending their lifespan. 

If you have a business that uses graphite products, consider talking with a production and distribution center like Graphel to help you to streamline production. By having a team of professionals by your side, you may continue making great products that people around the world rely on each and every day.